Mangakino Health Services

Table of Contents

  1. How do I make an appointment?
  2. How do I find out my test results?
  3. Where can I find the surgery?
  4. How much will my visit cost?
  5. How do I make a complaint?
  6. How do I request prescriptions?
  7. When are appointments available?
  8. What do I do if I have a problem after hours?
  9. Why do you have such a long lunch?

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment your have 3 options. The usual way is to either phone the surgery on (07) 8828299 and speak to our receptionist or by simply presenting at the surgery and speaking to her directly. The other option is to use our online contact system which can be accessed here. It is also possible to contact us through the Skype VOIP system at mangakino-health via the internet at no cost from anywhere in the world as we have a Skype intergrated into on our computer system.

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How can I find out my test results?

If you ask the Nurse or Doctor who took or arranged your test at the time the test is carried out they will be able to tell you approximately how long before the test results should be back. With normal results we will not usually contact the patient with this information, with abnormal or results where a change of treatment is needed we will try and contact the patient on the telephone or by letter (so please make sure that we have up to date phone numbers and addresses at any visit). If you want to know the results and have not been contacted please phone the nurse through reception on (07) 8828299 and she will be able to advise you over the phone of your results - For confidentiality reasons we will not give the results out to anyone other than the patient ( not parents or partners ) with out the patients express permission.

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Where can I find the Surgery?

Mangakino Health Services is located in what was the Mangakino Hospital. It is set well back from the road in an area of parkland across the road from the main shops, specifically the Four Square Supermarket in the middle of Mangakino on Rangatira Drive A Map showing Rangatira drive is available online here and a map showing the wider area to help you find Mangakino is available here through Google maps.

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How much will my visit cost?

Standard Consultation Charges
for Patients Enrolled with our Practice,
as of 1st August 2016

Adults $18.00
School Age Children $12.00
Children Under 13 Years FREE

Charges for Casual and Non Enrolled Patients

Group One
(A Community Services Card Holder)
Adults $33.00
Junior (13 years and over) $25.00

Group Three
(Non-Community Services Card Holder)
Adults $60.00
Junior (13 years and over) $30.00

High Health Card Holders
Adults $30.00
Junior (13 years and over) $23.00

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Non Standard Service Charges

ACC part charges
All over 13 years 1st Consultation $18.00
All Subsequent Visits (Charged every visit) $5.00

Miscellaneous services
All Prescriptions $10.00
Any WINZ or other paperwork $5.00
BP Checks FREE
Blood Test FREE
Pregnancy Testing (Free for under 25yrs) $5.00
Ear Syringe $15.00
B12 Injection $5.00
Liquid Nitrogen Treatment $15.00
Sexual Health Appt - Male and Female Under 25 FREE
Cervical Smear - Currently FREE to all Register Women

Home Visits:- Standard Consultation PLUS Surcharge of $50.00

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How do I make a complaint?

We realise that sometimes events will lead to a situation where someone needs to complain. Hopefully it will not be about our service but of course this may happen. We wish to reassure people that making a complaint will not affect their treatment. We have a complaints officer who can be contacted by phoning the surgery on (07)8828299 and asking to speak to our complaints officer. We are also happy to receive complaints by letter or even online by using this form. Through this system complaints can be made completely confidentially and anonymously. Complainants can expect to receive an acknowledgment of their complaint within 5 workings days and full written reply to their complaint within 20 working days. We will also assist clients in contacting other agencys if they are more appropriate to deal with your complaints. Our compaints officer is Charlene Campbell and she can be contacted by Phone or Email at

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How do I request prescriptions?

To request prescriptions you have several options. We would request that you either phone the surgery on (07) 8828299 and let our receptionist know what you need or by presenting at the surgery and speaking to her directly . The other option is to use our online contact system which can be accessed here if there is no urgency to your request. Please make sure that you make your request at least 24 hours before you will need your prescription filling. Please understand that only certain previously prescibed prescription items will be available through this system. We also keep a small amount of urgently needed medicines (antibiotics and asthma treatment) available at the surgery due to the fact that there is no longer a Pharmacy in Mangakino.

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When are appointments Available?

The surgery is Open at the following times
Mon 9am-12Noon 1:30pm-5pm
Tue 9am-12noon 1:30pm-5pm
Wed 9am-12noon
Thu 9am-12noon 1:30pm-4pm
Fri 9am-12noon 1:30pm-5pm

Dr Lockwood has appointments available for all the above times except Thursday Mornings
Dr Phillips is Available Monday Wednesday Thursday and Friday Mornings
The Practice nurse is availabe untill 12 Noon every day and untill 3pm on Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday.

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What do I do if I have a problem after hours?

If you have an emergency like shortness of breath, chest pain or severe abdominal pain Phone 111 and ask for an ambulance.

To secure 24 hour health care for our patients Mangakino Health Services takes part in an area wide After Hours care system based in Tokoroa. To access this system phone (07) 8866111 which connects you to an answer phone which will give you details of which Doctor is on call and what time their surgeries are. The usual system is that there is an evening clinic between 7pm and 8pm at one of the surgeries in Tokoroa (the hours at the weekend and Holidays are 9:30-11am and 6-7pm). These surgeries are run on a non appointments "turn up and wait " system . The cost of a consultation at these clinics is more than a usual appointment. After 8pm Tokoroa Hospital takes over the emergency care and the after hours phone number (07) 8866111 is redirrected to a fully trained Triage Nurse who will be able to advise you of your best course of action for your after hours health care needs. If you need to be seen she will usually dirrect you to Tokoroa Hospital who cover emergencies after 8pm. I you call our surgery number (07) 8828299 after hours you will be redirrected to the triage nurse any time the surgery is closed and she will also be able to advise you on your best course of action.

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Why do you have such a long lunch?

The reason we have such a long lunch is not that we are very slow eaters. This Time is often taken up with catching up on the morning appointments Urgent administrative tasks and Home visits as well as hopefully getting a bite to eat.

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