Mangakino Ancillary Staff

Karen Treloar is our full time Receptionist .
Please phone on 07 8828299.

When she is not working at Mangakino Health, she is busy gardening or cycling.

Donna Speers is our fill in receptionist.

Charlene Campbell is Our practice manager. Charlene is a Local woman who has lived in Mangakino for pretty much all her life. She has been with us almost all the time we have been running the practice in the past she was our receptionist but has now become our manager and is more in the back room than out front. If you have any problems or disputes she is the one to contact. She is also a "Justice of the Peace" and as such is a further asset to our community.
She can be contacted through reception during
office hours on 07 8828299
 or you can Email: Charlene through