Mangakino Health's Nurses
Mangakino Health Services providing affordable health care for our community .

Mangakino Health currently has a Part Time Nurse Fiona Wing and a full time nurse Lee-ann Chitty. Lee-ann is originally from Mangakino. She is available from 9am till around 4 pm, except Wednesday, when we close at 12 noon. Fiona is from Taumarunui and has been working at Mangakino for 18 months. Fiona who is a rural nurse usually works Mondays and Thursdays, Fiona often sees high needs LINC patients with chronic conditions. The nurses can be contacted on the phone through reception and will be able to give you your results on the phone and offer appropriate advice to further management. They also specifically offer a full range of routine and travel vaccinations, dressings, blood tests, blood pressure testing,ear syringing, pregnancy tests, general health advice, pre-school well child checks, as well as a host of other services. The nurses tends to manage our recalls and so will often be the one who contacts patients about health matters.

Nurse Lee-ann Chitty