Mangakino Health Service News

Text System
From September 2019 Mangakino Health has been sending out fully Automated Text reminders of appointments this is a Two Way system and you can reply to these texts however if this is something important it is best to just Call us on one of our three phone lines ,These texts are usually only checked once a day so do not use it for anything time sensitive.

New Phone Numbers
From September 2016 Mangakino Health has a new way for us to contact you and for you to contact us. Due to many people no longer having landlines and just having a cellphone we have obtained 2 cellphone lines to make and to receive calls -It is fully integrated into our phone system but they can only be used for voice calls the numbers are 02108947379 Vodafone and 0284072662 Warehouse Mobile so please do not expect a reply to any texts sent to them but feel free to call us on them especially if you are having any problems getting through on the land line 07 8828299.

Change of PHO!
From 1 October 2013 Mangakino Health ended its association with the National Hauora PHO (Previously Known as Toiora) Instead we are now part of RAPHS PHO " Hopefully with this change we will be able to offer extended services to our population. If any Patient has a need or desire to remain with the Toiora PHO they are free to change to a Practices in Hamilton that remains in this Group . We do not expect that our patients will notice this change, As it is really just a matter of a change of funding stream.

Changes To after Hours !
From the start of 2013 the way that after hours care is delivered has changed.
All after hours care is now provided at the Hospital after 6pm Monday to Friday with one of the regions General Practices being available to see patients from Mangakino Tokoroa and Putaruru until 6 pm.

To access this system phone 07 8866111.

At the weekend there is a " Fast Track " Gp clinic next to the Emergency Department at Tokoroa hospital where it is possible to see a GP between 10am and 4pm on Saturday and some Public Holidays. Outside of these hours the Emergency Department remains available.

Cheap Fees !
We still are able to offer our patients Very Low Cost Access fees. This means that our standard charge for a normal consultation will still be the lowest available for Registered Adults

Mangakino a Cornerstone Practice
Our practice has been a Cornerstone practice an acreditation given by the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners, through its Aiming for Excellence program. However we have found that there is no advantage to renewing this certification and so have allowed it to lapse.