The Lockwood family Report 2006

Matthew's end of year report for Lockwood family is ~No no no~ so that sums up Matthew for the year. Mark and Delyth's end of year report "Could do better in the matter of exercise and weight loss" Amy's end of year "Cannot be reached for comment" Seriously, no major dramas to report. It threatened to turn into an All work No Play year for a few months but that seems to be over. We had ONE week's holiday so far this year at Easter time which we spent in South Island. As Matthew said "That was an excellent holiday ..." A few days on the beach, a few days in Queenstown, and a trip round Lake Tasman glacier lake in a boat, and wonderful scenery all the way.
Both children have joined the NZ Army Cadets which they really enjoy and below is a photo of Amy in her uniform marching ( Amy is even planning to go into the Army!). Matthew has become part of a school blues/soul band called The Condiments -They played in public for the first time at Taupo Domain Park on 1st December 2006. Now it is December the School exams are over and it's time for trips. Amy went off on a cricket trip to play against Whakatane 29/11/2006. Whakatane girls turned out to be sore losers!Matthew spent 2 days on Bushcraft camp 28-29/11/2006- consists of a band of schoolchildren and 3 teachers doing a 4hour hike into the bush with packs, tents, sleeping bags, food etc on their backs. After-dark activity consisted of children going on a bush walk and each child being left at intervals on their own in the bush without a torch for an hour,l getting picked up later by teacher. Gave each child the opportunity to hear creatures moving around in the dark - no-one screamed.
Lots more trips coming up Our old camera packed up a few years ago,So for the last few years we've took hardly any photos of the family , so we've made a resolution to get to grips with our new digital camera and start taking more photos. Will try and put a few on the blog page so that you can see what we're up to.

Here are some photos Click on them to see them full page
Amy Marching

Amy in her Uniform Marching as Part of the NZ Army Cadets She is the 2 back from the front on the left

Us on an Iceberg

Us on an Iceberg floating
on a glacial lake In the south
during our easter holiday in South Island

Moiraki bolders

Moiraki Bolders on the east
coast of south island these
are about 1.5 meters in Diameter and pretty Sperical
there are several theorys as to how they where created

Matthews school band

Matthew Playing in his School
band "The Condiments"
click here to hear some playing Wav file of Condiments playing

Tues 19 December to 21 Dec 2006 we had a bit of a Lockwood Wilderness adventure. David Lockwood came out for a visit from Germany for Xmas and so as a group of 6 with 5 family and a friend David Furniss as a Guide we had a 3 day canoe trip in 3 canadian canoes (with enough food and clothes for at least a week) on the Wanganui river through the wilderness. Over the 3 days we rowed about 95 kms down the Wanganui river basically from one side of the middle of nowhere to the other side of the middle of nowhere - specifically from a place called "Wahahoro" to another place called "Pipiriki" had to negotiate many rapids and it involved 2 nights camping - This would not have been much of an issue apart from the fact that due to a minor over sight we did not take any Knives forks spoons plates or cups!! fortunately did have my trusty pocket knife and so managed to initially make some cups from empty coke cans then some spoons then once had time we carved some wooden spoons which where quite practical. The weather was far from kind with lots of rain but the awesome views made up for that, we would have had many photos and videos of the trip apart from an incident early on with a log in a rapid in which 2 of us Mark and Amy got flipped into the river killing an unprotected video camera fortunately everything else was well protected in plastic barrels.
Wanganui river

Wanganui river as it was when we where on it