The Lockwood family Report 2007

Well 2007 started off with a Big trip over seas. The first time in 15 years that we have managed to have a full month off when the kids are also off during the big 6 week NZ school summer holiday. Starting In Auckland on the 11/1/2007 we flew to Dubai Via Brisbain and Singapore on Emirates Air
Dubai was a bit of a suprise and during a 24 hour stop over we had the opertunity of a Four wheel drive trip out to the desert.
Us in Arabian Desert

Picture of us in the Arabian Desert
If you have broadband here is a short Video of driving in the desert

Following our day in Dubai we then flew a short ( 7 hour ) flight to Rome . This gave us our first opertunity to go on the ItaliaRail net work and we had a pleasent comfortable Trip from " Leonardo Davinci Station to Termini station in Rome " which was a short walk to the Hotel.

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