The basic Idea

My Idea came from a need that I had to send a confidential photo ( a medical image ) to a person who I was reasonably sure had internet access but who’s email address if they had one was unknown to me - I was writing to them and thought it would be nice if I could send them an letter and in the letter include a fairly short clear reference that if they entered into there browser they could quickly get access to the specific Image that I wanted them to see, they could then download it and store it ,basically do what they wanted with it - all without any need for special software on the recipients part . Also the plan was that without the code that any unwanted entity would not be able to access it easily ( if at all ) I was as thinking in terms of them needing to enter an 8 character case sensitive alpha numeric series - or something like that-[see a mock up here] -and wrong codes being tied up for 30 seconds before getting a wrong code try again message + a 3 tries and your out system

So the core of this idea basically was asynchronous secure online image transfer . I was thinking of calling it cross-mailing so that an image would be cross-mailed which is why I fell on the brand name Xmailed . Xmailed is a cool email name as well so at least I get quite a good email name out of it .

I explored the costs and likely profit margins on such a service and following the advice from a few people who knew about the industry - realised it was aimed at a small ( but world wide ) niche market - that setting it up would be costly in both hardware and software time - and that having built it possibly no one would come to the party - so I gave up at this early stage( I have hundreds of ¼ finished projects ) so if this idea seems useful to you let me know and go with it - Enjoy the challenge